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It is hard to believe that the school year will be wrapping up soon.

Summer program planning has begun. We have started to release summer options, but

stay tuned for more!

Our Academic Upgrading (LBS) is finished for the summer on Friday, June 10th. We wish our instructors a wonderful summer break and we look forward to welcoming students back in September 2022!


- NEW - 





Summer Online Ojibwe Language Course:

This course will allow students with no prior Ojibwe language experience to develop an appreciation for Ojibwe language and culture, to explore and experience a unique world view, and to learn to speak Ojibwe language. Students will learn common greetings and daily routines, become familiar with its writing and sound system, and practice basic vocabulary and phrases. Students will also use information technology during course-related activities. This course is a partnership with Biigtigong Nishnaabeg and the Kinoomadziwin Education Body. The course is available to current Grade 8 - 12 students and registration can be completed through PRISM by your Board's DeLC, eRegistrar, or Guidance Counsellors


COMING SEPTEMBER 2022 a certified PSW training program!

A lot is happening - please reach out to the main office for more information. 

Thank you, and wishing you an incredible season of learning and opportunity!


                    "To make a difference in someone's life you don't have to be brilliant, 

rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care."

-Mandy Hale



What's Happening

                         NEW - English for PSW (CLB 6+)

                                  * registration CLOSED*                                                                        Ask about the next session.


ePSW is a language training course for newcomers who are interested in developing occupation specific language for a Personal Support Worker (PSW) credit program. Participants will study in class and online each week. Upon successful completion, a Home Support Worker(HSW) certificate will be provided.


COMING September 2022 - certified

                        Personal Support Worker program!                                      Paid work placements available.                   

                                          Click here for more information.

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