English as a Second Language

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Certified Instructors: 

Christine Adams      |    Beginner Class                   |      Room 210

Hello! I teach Beginner English in the mornings at Limestone Community Education. I have taught many different things, but in 2013, I discovered that what I like best is teaching English to newcomers to Canada. I love to help people learn more about life in Canada and learn how to speak, listen, read, and write a new language. I look forward to getting to know you! 


Tiffany Myers           |    High Beginner Class              |      Room 209

                               |   Citizenship Prep Course         |      VIRTUAL/ONLINE

Hi, I am Tiffany. This year at Limestone I’m very excited to teach the CLB 2-3 class in the morning and the CLB 5 class in the afternoon. I first began teaching at Limestone in 2004. I graduated with my TESL Ontario Certification from Algonquin College after university. Before I started at Limestone, I enjoyed a year of teaching ESL in South Korea.

My favourite part about teaching is seeing students having fun while learning English. I would like to improve your confidence with English, so social interaction and group work happens often in my class. I try to make learning enjoyable for my students. I look forward to meeting you!


William Deanike     |    Intermediate Class                 |      Room 208

Hi students! My passion for education, culture and travel has allowed me to work and teach in many different places around the world. I studied in Thunder Bay and have worked in Northern Alberta, South Korea, Thailand and Australia. Each of these places has shaped my career and my attitude. With backgrounds in Geography, English, Business and especially ESL, I believe that my energetic personality and my teaching experiences will enable me to provide the best learning environment for our students. Kingston is home and I hope to use all the great resources available to us in this great city. Through partnerships and connections in the community, my goal is to give a unique and collaborative learning experience.


Carrie Barr          |    High Intermediate   |     Room 207

 I majored in Psychology and Linguistics at Queen's, then acquired my teaching certification and a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics at Brock University. I enjoy teaching ESL to connect and learn from individuals all around the globe. My hobbies are trying new food and exploring places in the great outdoors, gardening, boating, travelling, scuba diving and reading. My academic interests relate to cognitive approaches for enhanced vocabulary acquisition and language development, as well as investigating techniques for building an inclusive classroom community. 


Katherine Heikkila       |    Intermediate & Advanced    |    VIRTUAL/ONLINE   

Welcome students! I have been teaching at Limestone for 7 years. I have taught at the beginner and literacy levels and currently teach virtually with intermediate and advanced students. In the morning, I cover speaking, listening, reading and writing with intermediate students. In the afternoon, the advanced English learners focus on academic and workplace language preparation as well as post-secondary goals, academic writing, and current events. All virtual learning is done through synchronous instruction which means we are online together at the same time everyday! ESL Virtual classes provide a connection and engagement while studying at home. I'd like to help you set language goals, achieve them and build confidence in the English language! I am a compassionate and creative advocate and education of adult education and I am always looking for new ways to engage learners with their new life in Canada. In 2019, I completed a professional Master of Education in Literacy from Queen's University. I have an OCELT and B.A. from Laurentian University. I previously worked in LINC programming and at Queen's School of Education's English for Academic Purposes and Glendon Campus, York University, Summer Explore program.